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Ynnari: Triumvirate Of Ynnead (incl. rules)
Though the chosen of Ynnead are extremely dangerous in their own right, when they marshal their stre..
€60,00 €51,00
Warhammer 40K: Crusade and Other Stories (Pb)
Great fiction from the Dark Imperium From a battle between the valiant Ultramarines and their plagu..
€7,00 €5,95
Ghost Warrior: Rise Of The Ynnari (Hb)
Still reeling from the advent of the Great Rift, and the ravages of the tyranids, the aeldari inhabi..
€22,00 €18,70
Eldar Aspect Warrior Dice Cube (1) (colour varies)
A hard-wearing, tough plastic cube containing 20 12mm dice styled to complement your favourite As..
€8,50 €7,25
Craftworlds Eldrad Ulthran
Eldrad Ulthran was once chief amongst the Farseers of Ulthw?. Eldrad has lived for over ten thousand..
€20,00 €17,00
Age of Sigmar: Hammerhal and Other Stories (Pb)
Great fiction from the Mortal Realms From the desperate defence of a city of Order against rampagin..
€7,00 €5,95
Horus Heresy: Ruinstorm (Hb)
Imperium Secundus lies revealed as a heretical folly. Terra has not fallen, though it remains ina..
€25,00 €21,30
Shadowsword (Pb)
Arriving in the Geratomro warzone, Honoured Lieutenant Bannick and the crew of the Baneblade Cortein..
€12,50 €10,30
Horus Heresy: The Silent War (Pb)
While loyalist and traitor forces clash on a thousand battlefields across the galaxy, a very differe..
€11,50 €9,75
Death Guard Plague Marines
Bloated with festering corruption, Plague Marines form the mainstay of the Death Guard, and unlike m..
€40,00 €34,00
Death Guard Plague Marine Champion
Sworn to Nurgles service, Plague Marines have disgusting, rotted bodies that stink of decay. The put..
€20,00 €17,00
Baneblade (Pb)
By the blessing of the Omnissiah was the Mars Triumphant born - from the forges of the Adeptus Mecha..
€12,50 €10,30
Warhammer Underworlds: Steelhearts Champions Sleeves
Card Protector Sleeves..
€6,50 €5,55
Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire (Eng)
The Shadespire starter set will provide you with everything you need to start playing the new War..
€50,00 €42,50
Warhammer Underworlds: Garreks Reavers Sleeves
Card Protector Sleeves..
€6,50 €5,55
Death Guard Plague Marine Icon Bearer
Sworn to Nurgles service, Plague Marines have disgusting, rotted bodies that stink of decay. The put..
€20,00 €17,00
Death Guard Biologus Putrifier
The great labour of the Death Guard is to spread Nurgles bounteous gift to every corner of realspace..
€20,00 €17,00
Codex: Astra Militarum (Hb) (English)
Everything you need to get an Astra Militarum army primed for games of Warhammer 40,000 is in her..
€32,50 €27,65
Realm Of Battle: Moon Base Klaisus
The perfect way to start a collection of Citadel scenery, this is literally a battlefield in a box! ..
€65,00 €55,25
Primarchs: Lorgar: Bearer Of The Word Hb
On the world of Colchis, mighty religions rule a decaying society in the name of absent gods - until..
€15,95 €13,55
Death Guard Plagueburst Crawler
Plagueburst Crawlers are lumbering, formidable siege tanks whose huge ram-blades, thick armour plati..
€55,00 €46,75
Death Guard Foetid Bloat-Drone
Labouring through the air on buzzing turbines and driven by the trapped essence of a Nurgle Daemon, ..
€40,00 €34,00
Datacards: Astra Militarum (English)
Designed to make it easier to keep track of Tactical Objectives, psychic powers and Stratagems in..
€12,00 €10,20
Calgars Fury (Pb)
The Realm of Ultramar stands as a shining beacon of order and strength in a galaxy wracked by war an..
€12,50 €10,65
Death Guard Scribbus Wretch The Tallyman
The worshippers of the Dark Gods know that there is power in words and numbers, incantations and arc..
€20,00 €17,00
Death Guard Nauseous Rotbone
Sinister, hooded figures, Plague Surgeons drift through the mayhem of battle like ghoulish spectres ..
€20,00 €17,00
Warriors of the Great Cities: Tempests Eye (overstock extra low price)
Tempests Eye is a city carved out of the rock of the gigantic Titanspear Mountain, a multi-level ..
€130,00 €90,00
Warriors of the Great Cities: Hammerhal
The Twin-tailed City - a sprawling metropolis that stretches from the ashen plain of Aqshy to the..
€130,00 €110,50
Warriors of the Great Cities: Anvilgard
Anvilgard is a heavily fortified port city that borders the sweltering jungle of the Charrwind Co..
€130,00 €110,50
Typhus: Herald Of The Plague God
This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to build Typhus, Herald of Nurgle, Hos..
€32,50 €27,65
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