Space marines: deathwatch veterans

Space marines: deathwatch veterans
Space marines: deathwatch veterans

Deathwatch Kill Team - Contains five brand new Deathwatch Space Marines armed with a variety of deadly ranged and close combat weapons designed to kill any xenos. The box is full with bits which will allow you touse these bits with other products as well.

This multi-part plastic kit contains everything necessary to assemble a Deathwatch Kill Team. There’s a massive amount of variety contained on these sprues use the army builder rules in Codex Deathwatch to gear your Kill Team up for particular battlefield roles. You will receive the parts to assemble 5 Deathwatch Space Marines and a whole host of spares for your Deathwatch:

- 7 Space Marine heads
- 5 Deathwatch left shoulder pads
- 18 Chapter specific right shoulder pads
- 5 Deathwatch Boltguns (with shot selector)
- 5 Deathwatch Power Swords
- 2 Thunder Hammers
- 1 Frag Cannon
- 2 Storm Shields
- 2 Shotguns
- 1 Infernus Heavy Bolter
- 1 Stalker-pattern Boltgun
- 1
Heavy Bolter/Heavy Flamer combi-weapon
- 2 Power Maces
- 1 Xenophase Blade

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