Semi-complete citadel brush set (16)

Semi-complete citadel brush set (16)
Semi-complete citadel brush set (16)
This is a semi-complete of the citadel brushes we sell. We excluded the 2 most expensive brushes from the complete set to offer the most used brushes at a better price.

This set Includes:

Four brushes for basecoats (S M L and XL Base)
Two brushes for shading (M and L Shade)
Three brushes for drybrushing (S M and L Dry)
Two brushes for layering (S and M Layer)

One brush for fine details (XS Artificer)

One brush for glazing (M Glaze)
Two brushes for painting scenery (M and L Scenery)
One tool for texture effects (M Texture).

The S and M Artificer brushes are not included in this set!
€ 95,00
€ 113,00
Excl. BTW: € 78,51
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  • Model: 63-semi-complete-brushes
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