Delaque Nacht-Ghul And Psy-Gheists

Delaque Nacht-Ghul And Psy-Gheists
Delaque Nacht-Ghul And Psy-Gheists
xpand your Delaque Gang with these seven additional fighters. These secretive agents of House Delaque are equipped with a variety of specialist wargear to better enable them to perform their shadowy purpose. The two Nacht-Ghuls can be armed with either a shivver blade and serpent’s fang while one of the Psy-Gheists is clad in a psychomancer's harness. With the exception of the Psychoteric Wyrms who act as psychic nodes for their masters all of the other fighters are psykers and will offer your gang an enormous tactical advantage.

This kit is supplied as 98 components that make the following seven miniatures:

- 2x Nacht-Ghul (Champions supplied with 2x 25mm Necromunda Bases)
- 2x Psy-Gheists (Prospects supplied with 1x 32mm Necromunda Base and 1x 25mm Necromunda Base
- 2x Psychoterric Wyrms (Exotic Beasts supplied with 2x 25mm Necromunda Bases)
- 1x Piscean Spektor (a Brute supplied with 1x 40mm Necromunda Base and 1x 45mm Groove Stem set

Rules for using the Nacht-Ghul Psy-Gheists Psychoteric Wyrm and Piscean Spektor in games of Necromunda can be found in Necromunda: House of Shadow.

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.
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€ 34,00
Excl. BTW: € 23,88
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  • Model: 300-77
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