Age Of Sigmar: Battletome Fyreslayers (Eng) --- Op = Op!!!

  • Age Of Sigmar: Battletome Fyreslayers (Eng) --- Op = Op!!!Age Of Sigmar: Battletome Fyreslayers (Eng) --- Op = Op!!!

Age Of Sigmar: Battletome Fyreslayers (Eng) --- Op = Op!!!

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The Fyreslayers are a culture of duardin whose entire existence revolves around battle renowned for their short tempers and unrivalled skill with the axe. Many believe these grizzled
mercenaries are little more than avaricious barbarians for they will fight for any who meet their price in gold. The truth is stranger by far – they do not crave plunder purely for the sake
of wealth but to gather the scattered essence of their long-lost deity Grimnir the ancestor god of battle.

The pages of this book contain everything you need to know about the Sons of Grimnir who battle across the realms in search of ur-gold with axes in hand and war-hymns on their
lips. Learn the story behind the mythic feats and glorious death of their patron god discover Fyreslayer Lodges across the Mortal Realms and meet the duardin who inhabit them.

This 96-page hardback book contains:

- A treasure trove of background information on the Sons of Grimnir. Find out how and why the Fyreslayers fight with such furious rage
- Incendiary art that shows off the battle-fury of the Fyresayers in all its glory
- 21 warscrolls and pitched battle profiles for every warrior of the Lodges from fearless Berzerkers and mighty Magmadroths to the new Auric Flamekeeper
- Rules for 4 different Fyreslayer Lodges plus command traits artefacts of power prayers and battle traits like Grimwrath Oaths and Ur-gold Runes
- Path to Glory rules that allow you to take on Fyreslayer mercenary contracts to earn gold and reputation plus 3 warscroll battalions for use in narrative play
- Matched play content including 4 grand strategies and 6 battle tactics to unleash against your enemies
- A showcase of glorious Fyreslayer miniatures assembled in the colours of the various Lodges with guides on how to paint them yourself
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