Space Marines: Primaris Repulsor

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    Space Marines: Primaris RepulsorSpace Marines: Primaris Repulsor

Space Marines: Primaris Repulsor

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This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Space Marines Primaris Repulsor an armoured transport not only capable of ferrying 10 Primaris Space Marines into battle but also defending itself with the vast array of weaponry at its disposal. The Repulsor has a choice of:

- a turret-mounted heavy onslaught gatling cannon which can be replaced with a las-talon;
- a front-mounted twin heavy bolter which can be replaced with a twin lascannon;
- a pintle-mounted Icarus irontail heavy stubber which can be replaced with an onslaught gatling cannon;
- a rear-mounted Icarus rocket pod which can be replaced with an irontail heavy stubber;
- 2 krakstorm grenade launchers which can be replaced with 2 storm bolters or 2 auto launchers.

The body of the Repulsor itself features numerous modelling options - there are 6 stowage assemblies which are entirely modular configurable in countless different ways with cases of grenades and rocket pods modelled open o
r closed. The top hatch can be modelled closed or open; should you choose the open option you can place a Tech-marine in the hatch either pointing toward the foe or operating the pintle-mounted weapon. There are also the usual details you would expect from an Imperial craft - lights radar arrays huge exhaust vents and an aquila displayed proudly at the fore.

The Primaris Repulsor comes as 168 components and includes a transfer sheet and a Citadel 100mm Round base - this features a clear hover stand which can be set at an angle adding a certain degree of camber to your model.

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