Orc & Goblin Tribes: Goblin Wolf Rider Mob

  • Orc & Goblin Tribes: Goblin Wolf Rider MobOrc & Goblin Tribes: Goblin Wolf Rider Mob

Orc & Goblin Tribes: Goblin Wolf Rider Mob

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This multipart plastic kit builds 15 Goblin Wolf Riders outriders for the Orc & Goblin Tribes. Each Wolf Rider can be armed with either a spear and a crude shield or a shortbow and
quiver of arrows – as well as the claws and fangs of their lupine mounts of course. This kit also provides all the command upgrades you'll need whether you field your Wolf Riders in
small groups or one large mob – you can build musicians champions and standard bearers with a choice of banners.

The kit includes a variety of different shield designs jerkin-clad torsos sneering heads quivers and weapon arms all of which are interchangeable – so you can give your beast-
riding battalions a varied look no matter how large they grow.

This kit contains 260 plastic components and 16x Citadel 25x50mm Rectanglular Bases. Also included is a Warhammer: The Old World Goblin transfer sheet with 84 transfers to
decorate your army. These miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted
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