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Endless Spells: Stormcast Eternals ---- Webstore Exclusive

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    Endless Spells: Stormcast Eternals ---- Webstore ExclusiveEndless Spells: Stormcast Eternals ---- Webstore Exclusive

Endless Spells: Stormcast Eternals ---- Webstore Exclusive

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The cataclysmic necroquake of Shyish has flooded the Mortal Realms with the powers of the aether. Incantations summon forth new conjurations of unprecedented power and
frightful sentience but beware – such endless spells can be treacherous as likely to turn upon their caster as they are to devastate the enemy. From unleashing disembodied gnashing
jaws to devour your foes to raising prismatic barricades to protect your flanks doing battle in the time of the Arcanum Optimar is unlike anything that has come before. This multi-part
plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble 3 Endless Spells usable by Stormcast Eternals wizards in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. When used with the Malign
Sorcery rules these can be incredibly powerful tools in your magical arsenal. Included:

- A Celestian Vortex: this is a whirling tornado of Azyrite magic which carries a
storm of hammers cast in the image of Ghal Maraz the Great Shatterer. Anyone caught in the vortex’s path is hurled smash
ed and broken into the dirt;
- A Dais Arcanum: this circular platform inscribed with icons of the 8 winds of magic and orbited by 3 twin-tailed comets bears a rider upon the winds
of Azry and bolsters their mastery of the arcane arts;
- An Everblaze Comet: a shooting star plucked from the firmament and slammed down into enemy lines this is a large
meteoric rock with a sculpted base depicting its devastating impact.

This kit comes as 12 components supplied on gold-coloured plastic and includes 2 Citadel 65mm Round
bases and a Citadel 50mm Round base. Warscrolls are found in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals.

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