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Kill Team: Annual 2022 (Eng)

  • Kill Team: Annual 2022 (Eng)Kill Team: Annual 2022 (Eng)

Kill Team: Annual 2022 (Eng)

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The war in the shadows escalates! Amidst ruined cityscapes carnivorous jungles and hidden strongholds new kill teams join the fray. From the gruesome Gellerpox Infected to the
noble Elucidian Starstriders each band of warriors brings their own method of war to every desperate battle – in struggles that seem more varied and deadly than ever. Expert
assassins and saboteurs slip through patrols of enemy sentries hoping to complete their bloody tasks and slip away before they are detected while bands of grizzled warriors faced
with impossible odds choose to make their last stand taking as many of the foe as they can with them to the grave.

Kill Team: Annual 2022 offers new ways to enjoy the sci-fi skirmish game you know and love with fresh missions and game modes kill teams collected from the pages of White Dwarf
like the Harlequin Void-dancer Troupes and the Hunter Clades of the Adeptus Mechanicus and two classic kill teams returning to the game for the first time in its new edition. It's the
perfect way to breathe new life into your games.

Inside this 152-page softcover book you’ll find:

- Full rules and background information for six kill teams including datacards Strategic and Tactical Ploys equipment and complete Spec Ops rules:
– Elucidian Starstriders the avaricious crew and coterie of Rogue Trader Elucia Vhane
– Gellerpox Infected festering fanatics of Nurgle's warpborne sickness led by Vulgrar Thrice-cursed
– Hunter Clade disciplined cybernetic Skitarii who stalk the killzone for the Adeptus Mechanicus
– Warpcoven mighty Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons and their gathered thralls both mutant and Rubric
– Wyrmblade cunning Neophytes of the Genestealer Cults guided by elite cult agents
– Void-dancer Troupes agile Aeldari Harlequins for whom every battle is a performance

- Three mission packs each offering new ways to play in a total of 15 missions:
– 6 Sentries missions allow you to sneak closer to enemy lines or guard against infiltrators
– 6 Multiplayer missions open up battle royale games featuring three or even four players
– 3 Last Stand missions make the perfect capstone to a hard-fought narrative campaign

- A stunning collection of model photography hobby inspiration and artwork featuring kill teams and their operatives
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