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Godeater's Son (Pb)

  • Godeater's Son (Pb)Godeater's Son (Pb)

Godeater's Son (Pb)

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A Warhammer Age of Sigmar Novel

Heldanarr Fall just wants to be left in peace in Aqshy but the gleaming golden warriors of Sigmar won’t let him be. So he fights back – and draws upon a more primal power.


It's a Mortal Realms story with a twist – a virtuous man succumbs to the path of darkness and wages a war against Sigmar himself.


Heldanarr Fall dreams of a world without gods.

When the Azyrites descended upon the Burning Valley – a kingdom carved from the Aqshian desert – they brought arrogance and cruelty with their riches and a god who seemed
blind to it all. Despite harrowing losses Held clung to his people’s ways forging a new existence without a single prayer to the armoured deity Sigmar.

Now all Held wants is solitude. But after saving a Sigmarite priestess from violent death her troubles catch up to them and destroy the last of his peace. First broken then enraged he
launches a brutal war of vengeance against Sigmar’s worshippers and soon finds himself thrust against the Stormcast Eternals led by the cunning strategist Ildrid Stormsworn.

Alone he cannot hope to win yet surrender would mean accepting the mercy of a god he despises. To defeat the Stormcasts and avenge his fate Held must embrace older darker
powers that risk the very freedom for which he fights. But when Sigmar's rulers are tyrants and the Champions of Chaos prove worthy which path is the most righteous? And once he
makes his choice who will Heldanarr Fall become?

Written by Noah Van Nguyen.
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