Legiones Astartes: Cataphractii Terminator Squad

  • Legiones Astartes: Cataphractii Terminator SquadLegiones Astartes: Cataphractii Terminator Squad

Legiones Astartes: Cataphractii Terminator Squad

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This multipart plastic kit builds 10 Cataphractii Terminators which can be fielded in games of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy as a squad of 10 models or two units of 5 models. Each of
these Terminators is armed with a Phobos-pattern combi-bolter and either a power fist chainfist or lightning claw – you can also choose to swap out the combi-bolter for a pair of
lightning claws. The box also includes two power swords as well as two heavy flamers and two grenades harnesses. Components are included to build a Cataphractii Sergeant for
each of your squads and the kit offers plenty of interchangeable components to keep your Terminators looking unique such as a variety of different heads loincloths chestplate
designs and shield-badges.

This set comprises 196 plastic components and is supplied with 10x Citadel 40mm Round Bases. Also included is a Legiones Astartes Infantry Transfer Sheet with 339 optional
markings and iconography for the Sons of Horus and Imperial Fists Legions. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.
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