Thousand Sons

Thousand Sons: Scarab Occult Terminators
Thousand Sons: Rubric Marines
Thousand Sons: Infernal Master
Thousand Sons: Exalted Sorcerers
Slaves To Darkness: Chaos Spawn
Mutalith Vortex Beast ---- Webstore Exclusive
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Helbrute  ---- Webstore Exclusive
Disciples Of Tzeentch: Tzaangors
Disciples Of Tzeentch: Tzaangor Shaman
Combat Patrol: Thousand Sons
Chaos Vindicator ---- Webstore Exclusive
Chaos Space Marines: Rhino
Chaos Space Marines: Heldrake
Chaos Predator ---- Webstore Exclusive
Thousand Sons: Magnus The Red
Thousand Sons: Court Of The Crimson King
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Slaves To Darkness: Daemon Prince
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Defiler ---- Webstore Exclusive
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