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Armoured Fist Token Set (BR903)
includes two Ranged In tokens, four Foxholes tokens, eight Pinned Down tokens, one Leader token, ..
Team Yankee Template - NATO Edition (x1)
Artillery and aircraft are not precision weapons. Their shells and bombs blanket a wide area, possib..
Team Yankee Canadian Token Set (x22)
includes four Bogged Down tokens, two Gone To Ground tokens, three Minefield tokens, four Anti-Aircr..
Team Yankee Canadian Dice (x20)
includes 20 Canadian themed gaming dice...
Mechanised Platoon (x32 Figures)
Includes one?Formation Commander C1 rifle team, three C2 SAW teams with M72 Anti-tank weapons, three..
M113 Platoon (Plastic x5)
Includes five plastic M113 APCs, one plastic Tank Commander sprue, four M125 Mortar Crew, 3 M150 TOW..
M109 Field Battery (x3)
Includes three M109 self-propelled guns and two Unit cards...
Lynx Reconnaissance Pat (x2)
Blister Includes two Lynx Reconnaissance vehicles and one Unit card...
Leopard 1 Tank Platoon (Plastic x5)
Includes five plastic Leopard 1 tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue, three Decal sheets, and ele..
ADATS Air Defence Platoon (x2)
Includes two ADATS vehicles, one Decal sheet, and one? Unit card...
NATOs Front Line (Plastic 3x Leopard 1, 2x BO-105)
Includes three plastic Leopard 1 tanks, two plastic Bo-105 PAH helicopters, one plastic Tank Command..
Free Nations (TY HB A4 98p)
A4 Book Inside you will find four different forces from three NATO nations (Canada, France, and the ..
T-55AM2 Panzer Kompanie (TEBX03)(plastic)
Includes five plasticT-55AM2 tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue, two Decal sheets, and three..
US Yankee Green Spray (TYP290)
Contains 1x US Yankee Green Spray (TYP290) 400ml ..
Kittyhawk Fighter-bomber Flight (BBX47)
Contains two resin and metal Kittyhawk planes, one Decal sheet, two flight stands, four rare earth m..
Sherman Platoon (Plastic) (BBX42)
Contains five plastic Sherman tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue, one Decal sheet and fiveUnit ..
Churchill Platoon (Plastic) (BBX44)
Contains three plastic Churchill tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue, one Decal sheet and five U..
Armoured Fist Unit Cards (FW245U)
For a limited time only boxes of Unit Cards will be available for each Flames Of War Mid War book..
Mortar Platoon (Plastic) (BR734)
includes three plastic 3-inch gun and crew sprues, six medium plastic bases, one plastic base insert..
Valentine Platoon (Plastic)(BBX43)
Contains five plastic Valentine tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue, one Decal sheet and eight U..
Rifle Platoon (Plastic) (BR733)
includes four plastic infantry sprues, six medium bases, two small bases, two HQ small bases, one pl..
Daimler Armoured Car Troop (BBX46)
Contains two resin and metal Daimlar Armoured Cars, one resin and metal Dingo and one Unit card...
Armoured Field Artillery Battery (Plastic) (BBX45)
Contains four plastic Priest tanks, eight metal Gun Crew figures, one Decal sheet and two Unit cards..
Italian Fort Game Mat (36 inch x 3 inch)
A 36 inch by 36 inch high quality printed vinyl mat, perfect for for your tanks to engage in combat ..
Italian Dice
Contains 6 themed gaming dice..
Italian Semovente
The Semovente expansion contains: 1x unassembled Semovente tank, 1x Semovente tank card, 1x Hero car..
Italian M14/41
The M14/41 expansion contains: 1x unassembled M14/41 tank, 1x M14/41 tank card, 1x Hero card, 3x Cre..
Kingforce Army Deal (BRAB11)
includes three plastic Churchill tanks, three plastic Sherman tanks, two plastic Tank Commander s..
Armoured Fist Command Cards (FW245C)
Contains 53 cards to enhance your force, field iconic warriors and cutomise your units...
Armoured Fist (FW245)
Armoured Fist is the next step for the British Army in Flames Of War. It takes the forces from De..
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