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B-Witcheries by Jack Bridwell - Book
Spells, witches, warlocks... This book is devoted to bizarre-themed magic about witches, ghosts, ske..
The Power of Perception by Arthur Setterington - Book
Arthur Setterington's POP is legendary amongst mentalists as pure, direct, entertaining mentalism at..
The Perfected Five Card Trick by George Blake - Book
George Blake's Perfected Five Card Trick is a KILLER! Blake teaches multiple variations of the Resdu..
Feats of Memory by Don Carroll - Book
Feats of Memory is an outstanding act that is layered and fascinating. There is a Calendar Test that..
Bernard's Lesson on Coin Magic by Lewis Ganson - Book
A fantastic book for beginner coin enthusiasts. Great vanishes, palming, sleights, and manipulation ..
Stretching a Rope PLUS by Supreme Magic - Book
This VERY rare and hard-to-find pamphlet teaches the Stretching a Rope effect. A 3-foot rope stretch..
Stand-Up Sponges by Ken de Courcy - Book
There are not a lot of books written for those who perform sponge routines on stage. Ken de Courcy's..
Fantastic Thimbles by Lewis Ganson - Book
German magician Werry's Thimble routine is legendary. It is one of the most visual and fooling routi..
The Immaculate Card Magic of Walt Lees - Book
The Immaculate Card Magic of Walt Lees contains truly jaw-dropping effects for the close-up performe..
Rings Supreme by Lewis Ganson and Aldo Colombini - Book
Aldo Colombini's presentation of the Rings Supreme is a very solid and entertaining routine for any ..
Jack Yate's Accusation by Ken de Courcy - Book
Jack Yates' Accusation is theater at its very best. A mental murder-mystery routine built around the..
Effects with the Card Index by Mark Weston - Book
Effects with the Card Index is a very hard-to-find publication that is focused around the card index..
The Endless Chain by Lewis Ganson - Book
This gambling effect (also known as "Fast And Loose") is extremely deceiving. Although you are in ch..
Walking Through a Steel Plate PLUS by U.F. Grant and Ken de Courcy - Book
This illusion has been presented by top illusionists the world over. In this book you will not only ..
The NOVENA ENIGMA by Ken de Courcy - Book
A fantastic effect that can be performed at any time with a borrowed deck. It's a perfect piece to h..
Magic Balloons by Ken de Courcy - Book
This is NOT a book filled with balloon animals, etc. This IS a book filled with magic using balloons..
Hammanesque by Ken de Coucey - Book
Hammanesque is a fantastic effect based on an effect from Brother John Hamman. A card is thought of ..
After Harbin.... The Assistant's Revenge by Michael Jorden - Goochelboek
The Assistant's Revenge is one of the most popular and well-known illusions created by the late Robe..
Griff on Cards by Tony Griffith - Goochelboek
If there was a book that covered material for a lifetime of professional work, THIS IS IT. Griff on ..
Fabian's Magic Notes - Goochelboek
Before Aldo Colombini was "Aldo Colombini," he went by the name, Fabian. These are some of Aldo's ea..
After Dinner Technique by Ken de Courcy - Goochelboek
Ken de Courcy's After Dinner Technique is not just another book of tricks. No way! This book has som..
50 Crazy Card Stunts by U.F. Grant - Goochelboek
Do you like making your audience laugh? Humor can bring a lot to your performance, and to the audien..
Tricks for Travelling Tricksters by Ken de Courcy - Goochelboek
Some of the best magic in the world is straightforward and direct. This is exactly what you are goin..
Plans for the Rolon Table - Goochelboek
This little book contains very detailed plans for constructing the magician's best friend... a worke..
How to be a Hypnotist by Clarence J. Wenger - Goochelboek
How to be a Hypnotist is a VERY hard-to-find book and contains great insight and details on performi..
Even Stephen by Ken de Courcy - Goochelboek
This book details a very commercial betting routine. If you like the ten-card poker deal and effects..
Magic with a Smile by Ralph Dell - Goochelboek
A very rare and sought-after book. This book contains some fantastic magic featuring: Automatic Ambi..
Deceiver's Discourse by Ken de Courcy - Goochelboek
This book contains some fantastic magic from one of Magic's most prolific authors. Having written ma..
Creditable Conjuring by Ken de Courcy - Goochelboek
Creditable Conjuring contains 7 effects focused strictly on credit cards. From Credit Cards Across t..
The World's Fastest Card Trick by Ken de Courcy - Goochelboek
This book captures Ken de Courcy at his very best. Contained within the pages of this book, you will..
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