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SAS Jeep (NW Europe)
The SAS were quick to see the potential for a rugged vehicle such as the Jeep, and in their usual ma..
SAS Armoured Jeep (NW Europe)
Upgrading the amount of weaponry, the SAS use this jeep when they know they will be under heavy fire..
Bolt Action Campaign: Market Garden - release Feb 2018
Inside Campaign: Market Garden you will flow through 116 pages full of glorious content, history, st..
Bolt Action Imperial Japanese D6 pack
This dice pack contains 16 white dice with red inscriptions, with the famous Rising Sun symbol re..
Bolt Action US Marine Corps D6 pack
This dice pack contains 16 green dice with black inscriptions, with the famous Eagle, Globe, and ..
Bolt Action Soviet Union D6 pack
This dice pack contains 16 red dice with yellow inscriptions, with the famous Soviet Union hammer..
Bolt Action German Balkenkreuz D6 pack
This dice pack contains 16 white drab dice with black inscriptions, with the famous Balkenkreuz s..
Bolt Action British Airborne D6 pack
This dice pack contains 16 maroon dice with blue inscriptions, with the famous Pegasus symbol rep..
Bolt Action Allied Star D6 pack
This dice pack contains 16 olive drab dice with white inscriptions, with the famous Allies Star s..
Marder III
This box set contains: A 1/56th scale hard plastic Marder III Ausf. H tank destroyer Bolt Action st..
Char B1 bis
Upgrading the Char B1, the Char B1 bis had thicker armour and an APX4 turret with a longer-barrelled..
Bolt Action White Order Dice pack
This dice pack contains 12 order dice with red inscriptions citing the orders of the Bolt Action gam..
The Battle for Berlin battle-set - Bolt Action
This Bolt?Action battle-set provides you with multi-storey buildings, barricades and shell holes aro..
Soviet ZIS-3 divisional gun (Winter) - Bolt Action
The ZiS-3 was a truly multi-purpose weapon that was used as artillery and as an anti-tank gun by the..
Soviet HQ (Winter) - Bolt Action
Like the soldiers they commanded, many Soviet officers were inexperienced and lacked training at the..
Soviet 82mm medium mortar team (Winter) - Bolt Action
The standard Russian medium mortar of the war was the 82-PM-41 or 82mm battalion mortar Model 1941. ..
Marder tank destroyer Zug - Bolt Action
This box set includes: 3 hard plastic Marder III Ausf. H tank destroyers Instruction leaflet Full-c..
Char B1 bis Platoon - Bolt Action
This kit allows you to build French or German gun tanks or as one of two versions of German flammpan..
Winter SS squad box - Bolt Action
This box set contains a 10-man Waffen-SS squad of which separates into: NCO and 1 man with assault ..
Waffen-SS SIG 33 15cm heavy howitzer (1943-45) - Bolt Action
Contains 1 metal gun and 5 crew..
United States Starter Army - Bolt Action
This army deal is made up of the following: 10 Sprues of plastic American Infantry 6 American Weapo..
Soviet ZIS-2 anti-tank gun (Winter) - Bolt Action
The 57mm ZiS-2 was developed before the war to give anti-tank artillery regiments a weapon capable o..
Soviet Maxim MMG team (Winter) - Bolt Action
The red army used the venerable Maxim Model 1910 as its medium machine gun throughout the war, the v..
Banzai! Imperial Japanese Starter Army - Bolt Action
Boxed set contains the following: 1 metal officer 48 plastic infantry 1 metal medium mortar team 1 ..
Waffen-SS LeIG 18 7.5cm light infantry gun (1943-45)
Contains 1 metal gun and 3 crew..
Waffen SS - Bolt Action
In the Box: The brand new plastic frame is packed with superbly sculpted detail, including camouflag..
Soviet BT-7 fast tank - Bolt Action
Contains: 1 x Resin and Metal tank Vehicle damage markers Bolt Action stat card Decal sheet ..
Sd.Kfz 222
Contents: 1 resin Sd. Kfz 222 Metal pieces for detailing Decal sheet Bolt Action stat card Vehicle ..
Renault R35
Contains one resin and metal Renault R35, Decal sheet, Bolt Action Stat Card and Vehicle damage mark..
King Tiger - Bolt Action
Packed with stunning detail as you would expect from an Italeri kit, this box contains: One 1/56th ..
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