Astra Militarum: Rogal Dorn Battle Tank

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    Astra Militarum: Rogal Dorn Battle TankAstra Militarum: Rogal Dorn Battle Tank

Astra Militarum: Rogal Dorn Battle Tank

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The Rogal Dorn Battle Tank is a lumbering behemoth equally suited to anchoring a battle line or grinding forward in support of an assault. Bristling with thunderous guns these hulking
armoured fighting vehicles pound breaches in enemy’s defences with enormous shells and tear apart infantry with raucous storms of fire.

This multipart plastic kit builds a Rogal Dorn Battle Tank – a mobile gun platform even larger than the mighty Leman Russ Battle Tank. The Rogal Dorn's primary weapon is mounted on its
turret – you can choose between the high volume fire of a twin battle cannon or the intimidating power of an oppressor cannon with a co-axial autocannon mounted on its side. A
secondary hard point on the hull mounts either a castigator gatling cannon to punish hordes of infantry or a pulveriser cannon to take on enemy armour.

The kit includes an arsenal of optional weaponry – you can add optional sponson mounts armed with a pair of heavy bolters or multi-meltas while optional forward mounts can house
heavy stubbers or meltaguns. The tank's tracks can be upgraded with additional armour and you'll also find extensive cosmetic options including tow hooks viewing slits extra fuel a
search light and stowed equipment. There are three crew members including a spotter tank officer and a gunner for the pintle-mounted heavy stubber which can be built with five
head options or replaced with closed hatches.

This kit comprises 171 plastic components and includes an Astra Militarum Vehicle Transfer Sheet with 475 transfers featuring numerals sigils and a variety of regimental heraldry.
This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.
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