Chaos knights: wardogs

Chaos knights: wardogs
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Chaos knights: wardogs
This multipart plastic kit builds two War Dog-class Knights – any combination of War Dog Karnivores War Dog Stalkers or War Dog Brigands. War Dog Karnivores are a monstrous
Lords of War choice that can provide deadly melee support to your Chaos Knights army – or be taken as a wandering Dreadblade pack for other Chaos forces. Armed with an
infantry-shredding reaper chaintalon and an armour-breaking slaughterclaw Karnivores are also equipped with your choice of a carapace-mounted diabolus heavy stubber or havoc
multi-launcher. Each War Dog Karnivore can be further customised with a variety of articulated poses armour plating and unique faceplates and accessories with their large
carapaces making them a perfect painting project.

This kit comprises 220 plastic components and is supplied with 2x Citadel 100mm Round Bases. Also included is a War Dogs transfer sheet featuring 238 runes sigils and
iconography for various Dread Households. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly
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€ 67,50
Excl. BTW: € 57,40
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  • Model: 43-64
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