The First Founding (Hb)

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    The First Founding (Hb)The First Founding (Hb)

The First Founding (Hb)

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Discover the incredible universe of Warhammer 40000 with this breathtaking background and art book. Immerse yourself in the epic tales of the First Founding Chapters illustrated with
stunning new artwork and in-depth lore.

Here's why you should read it: delve into the history of the nine loyalist Chapters of the First Founding who have faithfully served the Emperor for over 10000 years.

After the Age of Strife the Emperor of Mankind called upon his Space Marines warriors of unmatched power to save humanity from the brink of destruction. These legendary warriors
were assembled into the twenty Legions known as the First Founding. In the present era only nine of these brotherhoods remain now known as Chapters and are humanity's
steadfast protectors against the heretic xenos and daemon.

This background and art book provides a detailed exploration of the iconic loyalist Chapters highlighting their unique cultures doctrines of warfare and distinct identities. The book
features over thirty specially commissioned illustrations including nine breathtaking double-page artworks as well as rich background information and detailed lore for the following
– Dark Angels
– White Scars
– Space Wolves
– Imperial Fists
– Blood Angels
– Iron Hands
– Ultramarines
– Salamanders
– Raven Guard

Written by a team of renowned authors including Guy Haley Nick Kyme John French David Guymer and Callum Davis this book is a must-read for all fans of Warhammer 40000 who
want to learn more about the history of the First Founding Chapters.
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